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March 25, 2006 - According to an unverified article on Rense - the Chair of the UN meeting being held in Brazil announced that governments have agreed to reject language that would have undermined the moratorium on the introduction and use of Terminator Seeds (i.e., plants that are genetically modified to produce sterile seeds at harvest).  So far, out of a sense of humanity, Governments have banned killer corporations like Monsanto to move in and control their food supplies ...  but rich parasites don't give up easily.

The UK working group on terminator technology, a coalition of 10 British environment and development groups, says: "It could destroy traditional farming methods, damage farmers' livelihoods and threaten food security, particularly in developing countries."... that's idea has got the got rich parasites licking their chops ...  make more money by making more poor people.

In 2000 the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) adopted a de facto moratorium on sterile seed technologies, also known as Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURTs). ... but rich parasites don't give up easily.

“The world’s farmers and Indigenous peoples cannot trust Monsanto,” said Alejandro Argumedo from Asociacion ANDES - Potato Park in Cusco, Peru “Monsanto’s broken promise is a deadly betrayal because Indigenous peoples and farmers depend on seed saving for food security and self-determination.” .. But, the farmer's security and self-determination could get in the way of the rich parasite's profit !!!

The world's largest seed and agbiotech company, made a landmark public promise in 1999 not to commercialize 'Terminator Technology.'   Now seven years later Monsanto seems to have changed its mind.  Changed their mind?  That's a laugh ... the parasites were lying all along.

“Monsanto’s revised pledge resonates closely with the actions of a few rich governments that have been promoting Terminator at the UN recently,” points out Chee Yoke Ling of Third World Network. “It looks like Monsanto and other corporations are behind the strategy to unleash Terminator at the upcoming meetings of the CBD”...  rich parasites never give up.

Environmental and consumer advocates also have said that genetically modified crops--ranging from Terminator to ''Round Up Ready'' varieties designed to survive the heavy duty herbicide Round Up--offer the promise of fat profits for their developers, marketers, and political supporters while threatening farmers with lean times and consumers with ill-health.  Yummie Yummie in my tummy .... fat profits, and tasty heavy duty herbicides - all provided by Rich Parasites.

Watch this issue ... because at the same time these rich parasites get a hold of the planet's water and food, they are changing the label laws so you won't have a clue as to what you are eating or drinking.    

Today marks a great day - if you're a banker - or a politician trying to make people believe that the economy is fat and happy.  As of today, the Federal Reserve no longer needs to publish the statistic known as M3.  What is M3? 

Lets back up ... First, the Federal Reserve isn't Federal. It's just a group of central bankers that make their own rules.  They print the money.  How much money they print determines how much that dollar in your pocket is worth.  The more dollars they spit out of the printing presses, the less those bills in your wallet can buy. 

M3 is the stat that tells you how many dollar bills they have printed.  As of today .... that number is secret!!!  They'll be able to print as many dollars as their cold little hearts desire - and no one will be able to comment, because no one will know what the hell they are doing.  As of today, you don't, won't, and can't have a clue as to what your savings is worth - much less, what it will be worth tomorrow.  And if you're on a fixed income - remember, it isn't fixed.  What a buck could buy yesterday was more than it can buy today.

Oh, sure ... insiders will know how much overtime the Fed's printing presses are working.  International bankers will know.  OPEC will know.  I'm sure the top level commodity traders will know.  But you?  Fergetaboutit.  Just because it determines what your worker bee income and savings are worth doesn't make it any of your stink'n business.  This information is for management only.

Politicians must love it. Got a war to fight? Print some money. Borrowed too much? No problem, print some more money and pay back the loan with dollars of less value.  The only ones that will suffer are the members of the working class. 

Joe Six-Pack will never know what hit him.

If there's any condolence to be had, it is this; Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] has introduced legislation to require the Fed to resume reporting the M3 statistic.

Our Glorious leader gave a news conference today.  And WOW ..... Karl Rove has invented a new semantic that's supposed to snap our synaptic.  Hand puppet Bushie is now referring to wire taping, illegal searches and seizures, the invasion of privacy, and a goofy no fly list (that includes the author of "Bush on the Couch" and Ted Kennedy) as "The Terrorist Surveillance Program."

Yes, now the Terrorist Surveillance Program will monitor YOU ... and that will inhibit terrorist activities that could destroy YOU.  And now YOU are safer because YOU are being watched.

He dared his critics to not support this program .... Terrorist Surveillance Program ... memorize it ... you'll hear it again. (well .. probably ... today was just a test market experiment .. they'll have to check their private polls and see how many "buys" it sold...  but I'm betting it works ... cuz it invokes fear .. and we know fear sells well. 

Spin.  Image.   Marketing.  Rationalization .. probably has nothing to do with "them terrists."  But it helps sell the sell-out of our constitutional rights.

Oh, ya ... wouldn't want to forget to mention that he said that the total pull out of US troops from Iraq will be up to the next president ... not him ... I guess that's his way of saying that having troops in Iraq is not his responsibility.  Hmmmmm ... just what the hell are this guy's responsibilities?  Assigning responsibility?

March 16, 2006 - Operation Swarmer - what a wonderful accomplishment since the mission was accomplished?  Forty-seven "Terrists" arrested in the "Massive hunt for insurgents," oodles of bombs & weapons grabbed.... Well ... not so fast .. Looks like it was just another photo-op ... or something to "prove" that we are training Iraqi troops... or winning the war ... or some such bullshit. Looks more like a hoax and the reports coming from the media are bogus maximus.
March 15, 2006 - Let me see if I got this right.  The National Uniformity for Food Act has passed the house.  Over 200 state laws and labeling laws protecting consumers from infected toxic and carcinogenic food could be bypassed by food distributors.  If you look at the map of who voted how, it's rather similar to the red/blue map of the last election. Now that we have verified that we have a Mad Cow problem, US Agriculture Department's Chief veterinarian, John Clifford, announced a major reduction in Mad Cow Testing. Yes, just last week another case was discovered in Alabama. But that doesn't matter, they are going to cut back on testing. Only one-tenth of one percent of all animals slaughtered will now be tested. You've heard of "Don't ask, don't tell. This is "Don't look, don't find. Let's see ... does that mean if that package of hamburger you bought came from a cow with mad cow disease, they don't need to mention it on the label? I guess not, because they won't even know if it had Mad Cow or not.
March 5, 2006 - Bush may have big Mangos - But California's Secretary of State has bigger ones. Bruce McPherson, with a pen faster than a speeding bullet and filled with the power of Loco-motoviation, leaped experts' tall objections, federal enquiry, public opinion and violated federal and state law in a single bound. With a whisper, and not a shout, he quietly re-certified Diebold electronic voting machines for the 2006 elections.
    The GOP has now won all future California elections. Mr. Secretary of State couldn't wait for the results of a pending federal review of Diebold's easy to hack code. He wouldn't even consider the alarming reports and objections of his own experts ... California is now just one big Diebold machine. Without California, no democratic presidential candidate will ever get elected - so why hold an election? 2008? It's over already. Even Lois Lane knows that. Them's the electoral college rules.
    The Tri-fecto of Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia, will now decide our decisions - interpret our vote - figure out how we really "meant" to vote. Diebold and ES&S were both bankrolled by tycoon Howard Ahmanson - a major funder of the Christian "Reconstructionist" movement, that openly advocates AmeriKan ideals such as totalitarian theocracy, the death penalty for homosexuals, debtors prisons, and stripping non-fundimentalists of citizenship. Sequoia?  Not to worry - it is owned by a partner of the gun tote'n Cowboy Carlyle Group , the investment firm whose insider deals and war profiteering have earned millions for the Bush family. Gold Collar Crime at it's finest. One hardly need the proverbial tin foil hat to see what is going on.

March 4, 2006 - Just when you thought the lies pouring from the multi-sided mouths of this administration couldn't get any bigger, another artificial growth hormone from Monsanto seems to have been injected.
     Now it's a new song and dance routine starring the one and only, Donald Rumsfeld. Performing in front of the BBC, he did a magnificent performance entitled, "They're Not Tortured, They're Only Lying."
     In one of his greatest staged and screened performances, he delivered a dramatic operatic overture about there being no torture in Guantanamo Bay - sung to an orchestrated and well harmonized chorus entitled "We Know That For A Fact."
     A new and dramatic element was introduced in this long running spin and sing hit musical. Now the villain of the play, Al Quada, is trained to lie. "They're taught to lie, they're taught to allege that they have been tortured, and that's part of the training that they received."
    They lie so well, in fact, that "They are getting very clever at manipulating the media in the United States and in the capitals of the world."
     There you have it. Prisoners in Gitmo are only acting - and getting rave reviews from the media. Yes, now you know it as a fact. They probably brought their Jail house costumes with them. With all the free access the Guantanamo residents have to the media .. it's no wonder they've been able to successfully promote their performance.
     Burger King seems to be losing it's grip on the term "Whopper."

March 2, 2006 - A whopping nine whole (hole in head) democrats voted against the New Patriot Act (AKA Fascism for A free America). One independant, former Republican Jim Jeffords, joined them. The rest, including Harry Reid, that scum-sucking capitulator who claims to be the Senate Democratic leader, dropped their pants, bent over, grabbed their ankles and handed George W. Bush the k-y jelly and said "bung-hole me all you want sir. I like getting screwed by dictators." This is isn't just Republican lite... this is complete servitude to our twice unelected Fuhrer. Treason anyone? I guess Bush is right, the constitution, for which millions have died to preserve, is nothing more than a fucking piece of paper.
February 28, 2006 - According to a Zogby Poll of US Troops in Iraq - released today - 85% of our soldiers said that the U.S. Mission in Iraq is mainly "To retaliate for Saddam's 'role' in the 9-11 attacks."  77% said they also believe the main, or a major, reason for the war was to "Stop Saddam from protecting Al Qaeda in Iraq." Only 11% see the mission there as securing oil supplies, while just 6% see it as a means to provide long-term bases for US troops in the region. Can you imagine having a loved one die, or get their limbs blown off, because they were deceived by a group of sociopathic, fat bodied couch warriors who laugh at the dead soldiers and voters they fooled. For those same great leaders, those soldiers who sacrifice for their profit are nothing but cannon fodder that isn't even worth considering. I hope they are getting a real good chuckle at how they've fooled people into dying and sacrificing their children to help them be pretend cowboys - and make lots of money - Real Christian of them, eh?   
February 9, 2006 - Ho Hum .. another package of shit from der furher. A foiled plot to high-jack a plane and fly it into an L.A. Building, eh? Chuckle Chuckle - he still seems to think that Al Qaeda uses shoe bombers - What is this, lie #3,526? Sorry George, looks like you stepped in it again .. and we're not buying it. Oh, and BTW, the Mayor of L.A. is saying "NOT." One CIA guy explained it; "He is basing this absurd claim on the same discredited informant who told us Al Qaeda would attack selected financial institutions in New York and Washington." Current and retired intelligence pros from the CIA, NSA, FBI and the military are responding to Georgie's revelation with something to the effect of "He's full of shit."
February 5, 2006 - Speaking of the State of the Union - a Weekly Seattle magazine called The Stranger wrote it up perfectly; President Bush Shoved a Shitload of Lies in our Face Last Tuesday.   Hysteric to the max ...

February 2, 2006 - On April 10, 2003 I could not gather enough hope to find any humour in the direction of the country, the quagmire in Iraq, nor the stupid, self deluded man living in the white house.  That inability has lasted to now. But last nights idiotic speech by this total shit head made me laugh till I almost needed a diaper. State of the Union?  God, more like a state of mind ... a mind that's missing. The man's stupidity flowed from his mouth. His ignorance rose like waters in New Orleans  - or the national debt - or the dead count in Iraq. He talked of the great economy, victory in Iraq, and some fucked up loony tune bull shit about animal-human cloning!!! ... man .. this guy's done too much coke.  You'd have to be some self deluded moron to give any credibility to such imbecilic nonsensical rhetoric.  At least I can laugh again ... even if it's at this dimwit and 37% of the American public.
April 10, 2003 - It has been months since I lost the sense of humour I may once have possessed. That ability which allowed for a diary of my thoughts has eroded. The process which we find ourselves in was apparent on January 4, 2003. A stupid, self deluded man was given charge, and only accepted suggestions from a PNAC crowd of oil thirsty power men, and Israeli Zionist power mongers. My father warned of such things. Jesus warned us of such things. The money changers he discharged from the Temple now wallow in delight. I have been unable to paint the current disclosure of history with any light hearted relief. This silence of humour on this page has been, and shall continue to be, unavailable for the distant future. As I see pictures not shown by the "Amerikan Media" arm of our current cabal - pictures supplied by the Internet - of children without arms, feet, legs and heads - without mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, and even friends - "Reality" sets in and tells me this is not the time for humour.  Indeed, humour about such an event in inhumane.
   The indignity, cruelty, and torture I've observed being wielded by the terrorists who lead an American/Israeli cabal against freedom in the United States while rallying support for the conquest of Iraqi oil - at any cost to the Iraqi people - is surely historic. The days of Genghis Kahn have returned with WGD (Weapons of Greater Destruction).
What is even more enigmatic is how it has been sold to the American Sheeple as a program for peace and freedom. Irony is sometimes funny. This irony is too tragic to raise anything but a tear - for Iraq, for the America I love - for the people who inhabit this planet.
   I hope Dubya is happy - because the world, and the future, is not..