If you understand,
The world is as it is.

If you don't understand,
The world is as it is.
Taking Inventory

Nine-Eleven Helped Transcend Denial
March 16, 2006

Since the historic day of 9-11 - and particularly in more recent months - reams of books, articles, filmed documentaries, professorial presentations, and alternative broadcast media interviews have dealt with the contradictions, omissions, oversights, and plain spin of the “official story.” For many, this official story lost any credibility long before the first sentence was written because the Bush Administration attempted to appoint Henry Kissinger as the top juggler of the conjectural fabrication.

Somehow, starting with a conclusion and working backwards did not create an end product that many could swallow – unless they liked the conclusion. A “conclusion” that would allow those in denial of the obvious to focus their detestation on someone comfortable to hate - Someone “outside” wearing a black hat. Ironically, the only defense the official story seems to have left is the accusatory “tin foiled hat” pronouncement made on those refusing to swallow the kool-aid.

Information, disinformation, false information, counter-information, theories, and pseudo-theories have flowed through the various alternative-media channels. The smokiness of the mirrors has invariably caused many a Joe Six Pack to reach for the remote and change the subject. For others, sorting through it all has been an obsession. Some appear to approach it as something akin to a hobby. Many who were born and bred via the idiot box see the subject as little more than infotainment.

Yet, for most who have pursued the subject with even a modicum of reason, the dust particles have seemed to have settled and created a foundation on which the building of profound ramifications can be built. A foundation that has led to overcoming a denial that kept us from even imagining the horrors of which the Bush administration is capable. A denial that prevented us from seeing that we are constantly being lied to and manipulated on nearly all issues.

The dots that comprise our total sense of reality then became connected with new lines – lines not drawn in sands that wash away with the next tide, but lines that become the cemented architectural design of a new foundation that describes the reality in which we live.

One could think of this new perspective as “Blow-back.” A reaction first caused by the uncreative lies about 9-11, and then soon reinforced by the magnified spins this administration has attached to every other action and issue.

The basis for the foundation starts with more than an assumption or some kind of speculative premise. It starts with the obvious: The Official Story is Bogus Maximus. Navigating through the non-sense of disinformation, it becomes apparent that, at the very least, some type of “inside” coordination and cooperation was required. Osama couldn’t have ordered the NORAD planes to hold off, and then tell them to go ahead - but travel at only 24% of their top speed - to protect the capitol. Procedures are written, drilled, and automatic – hard wired, like a knee jerk reaction.

Then we have real questions regarding the ability of a plane, and its jet fuel, to take down the WTC towers (and WTC 7 without even hitting it). This required not only planning, but also preparation prior to 9-11. There are even major, well-founded questions regarding what actually hit the Pentagon. But, I digress. The information need not be repeated here. It is out there for anyone willing to take the time to sort through it all.

When we stick our heads out from under the rubble of the collapsed house of cards built on the “official story,” we can see a horizon described by generations of conspiracy theorists. We can even hear echoes of the infamous Warren Report. We recall Daddy Bush at the United Nations on 9-11-91 speaking of the New World Order. Our imaginations can run wild, but they can be harnessed by verifiable reality.

While we see 9-11-01 as a historical day, when we dig deeper, free of the shackles of denial, we recognize that it was not a pivotal point. Direction toward a completely new social structure had been in the process of being implemented slowly, carefully, and gently - long before that date. Although a turbo-charged acceleration toward this veiled change was implemented on that fateful day, no deviation from the original road map occurred – the course was staid.

Once free of denial, we cast the official story of 9-11 aside and identify the dancing authors of this fictional side step from reality. The realism of yesterday, today and tomorrow then becomes apparent – not easily acceptable or digestible – painful, in fact – but the denial is gone. We can now accept the fact that Criminals who recognize no moral or principled boundaries have absconded with the country. Our unshielded eyes now see horrors that were once the fiction of 1984, THX1138, or some Twilight Zone in our distant memory.

For those who have transcended the programmed denial, the dust that emanated from the demolition of the towers was not just debris. It was a genie being loosed from a bottle – a genie that has guided us in connecting dots that were never before connected.

We see that we were lied into an illegal war for reasons that change every day: Fighting terrorism, stopping a threat to the United States, Spreading Democracy, Liberating Iraq, over throwing a brutal dictator, and on and on. And a merry little band of hand puppets consistently sing the epilog of every discussion “Now that we’ve checked in, we cannot leave.” Some how they have Iraq confused with the Hotel California. Then an echo of the Bush March 17, 2003 speech surges forward in our memory – “Do not destroy the oil wells.”

With denial shoved aside, we can now accept the fact that most of our media is controlled by six major corporations, and hardly a source for real information. We recall that NBC is 80% owned by General Electric – a major defense contractor – and we wonder what their “embedded” reporters will report. We then connect additional dots; the centralization of media started with Reagan, made great headway under Clinton, and was ready to roll for 9-11.

With our shackles of denial removed, we could accept that fact that the headline phrase of “War on Terrorism” is totally bogus – like the war on drugs. We also glean that it provides those in power with a rationale, or a false justification, to limit our freedoms and privacy - while not providing any additional security. The president has used this excuse to wire tap anybody he wants without a court order. He can categorize any person he pleases as a “terrist.” Once done, all rights, human and legal, can be torn from any individual, U.S. citizen, or not.

Attorney General Gonzales will testify before the Judiciary Committee, but not under oath – taking an oath to tell the truth would undermine our battle with terrorists – and that’s bad for the war. Yet, with eye’s unshielded by denial, we see the word “Accountability” flicker and fade.

In our war with terrorists, the Granny with the blue hair needs to be searched at the airport, but Dubai can own our ports. Only 5% of ship containers are inspected, our boarders are wide open, all while the FBI spies on war protesters and monitors what library books you check out.

If you pay over $5000 on your credit card, Homeland Security will place a hold on your check and investigate. Yes, Big Brother is watching. You can bet that Osama will be paying only his minimum from here on out. That is indeed a striking blow to terrorists. Financial responsibility is now a terrorist act – not a conservative value. It seems like the government won’t count our votes anymore, but it will tally our dollars.

Speaking of our votes; Grave questions about the voting machines and election results color our doubts about our democracy to it’s bare core. The Tri-fecto of Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia will count nearly all the votes in the country if the Bushies have their way. Diebold and ES&S were Bankrolled by Howard Ahmanson – a religious wacko who supports totalitarian theocracy. Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold, Inc., is one of Bush’s top campaign contributors. Sequoia is owned by a partner of the Carlyle Group – Daddy Bush was once a senior advisor for this war profiteering group, and still has an equity stake in the firm.

The questions of representative government grow beyond vote counting. The revolving personnel door between the high echelons of the corporate world and top level government appointed positions is spinning so fast it is hard to keep track of the elitists comings and goings. Top executives from various industries now enter the high towers of government; write the rules that will regulate those industries, and then return to their corporate castles with a badge of accomplishment. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, corporate lobbyists run around buying representation that the proletariat used to own. We then have to wonder if our votes count, even if they are not counted by Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia.

We are told the economy is strong and growing. However, we are no longer in denial, and recognize when we are being lied to by the circus hucksters dressed in photo-op surroundings. The country is verging on bankruptcy while the middle class (the same middle class that Thomas Jefferson said was required for true representative democracy) disintegrates because of tax breaks to the rich, the export of living wage jobs, and billions spent to lose an illegal war.

They can tell us torture is now a Christian value. They can even say that Napalm under a different name is legal and Depleted Uranium is healthy. However, they cannot say that they have us fooled any longer.

We have transcended our denial, and what we see is ugly.


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