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THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, and genetically engineered foods industry. It is very comprehensive, and provides insights into the international corporatism of the planets food supply through international trade and finance.
From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico, this film gives a voice not only to the farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology, but the impact, and future potential effect, of this centralization of wealth and control of the planet's food supply on all inhabitants.

IRAQ's MISSING BILLIONS - BBC ... A must see - A shocker.  How Billions were scammed, stolen, fraudulently absconded with by Bush's buddies.  A very clear exposé showing people having others die, so they can make tons (literally) of money.  Lots of inside info by people who blew the whistle.  Oh, did I mention Haliburton?  You may need Real Player's newest update - good video for a small file - 28MB- watch it ..  STREAM
Bilderberg Group ...  Secret association of Bankers, Captains of Industry, Politicians and Heads of State... fact or fantasy?  Tin Foil hat time ... Or Explanation?  This BBC report will help you draw your own conclusion.
Bob Fitrakis, a Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, speaks about the voter fraud that left us with a twice unelected president.      
Votergate - hard hitting and fact filled presentation of the FRAUD the Bush Crime Family is getting away with.      
Mark Crispin Miller - Author of Fooled Again - discusses his book and takes calls on C-Span. His careful research and thorough analysis of our current voting system creates a reason for alarm.      
Journalist Wayne Madson of the WayneMadsenReport connects dots consisting of specific individuals involved in the on going voter fraud that gave the white house back to the Bush Crime Family      
Just for fun .... a MUSICAL !!! ... by Billionaires for Bush. You're guaranteed a chuckle ... and if you don't get one .... call Homeland Security.      
BYU Professor Steven E Jones speaking at UVSC on February 1, 2006. A rather lengthy two hour presentation that totally discredits the official story of 911. Fact by fact he rips the official story apart. This is not a tin foil hat approach to the realities surrounding 911. If you would rather watch the presentation - it can be downloaded HERE - 253 MB      
Falluja: Caught in The Crossfire -
Charles Goyette interviews producer Mark Manning about his documentary Caught in the Crossfire. Insights to the war crime and inhumanity perpetuated by the criminals now in the White House .. Falluja is why Bush has lost this war ..  trailer

A BBC production. Although a bit old, this part of the documentary provides some historical insight to the current debacle as it inadvertently predicted the current civil war now taking place. Warning: There are some scenes that show the real horrors dripping from the hands of the sociopaths now in charge of the American government.

The BBC refocuses on the domestic impact on the Iraq Debacle; interviews with parents, wounded soldiers, and the assembly line VA that is now being underfunded by the White House Pigs.
John Stadtmiller interviews Dr. Doug Rokke - retired military. Rokke is very experienced with the military's manufacture, distribution and use of DU, as well as the far reaching health and environmental impacts. His insights do not only include the "where's & why's" of DU use, but also the "where's & how's" of the manufacturing. While much discussion in the alternative press has addressed this issue, I found this interview to be very comprehensive. Discussion includes the specific amounts manufactured; where it has been produced and used; short and long term health/environmental affects; and the military cover up used to deny medical aid to veterans. Bottom line - nuclear war is going on.
Karen Kwiatkowski interviews William R. Clark, Author of Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar. This should be required listening before any opinion regarding the Debacle of Iraq is formed - critical information never even whispered in the corporate media. Clark follows the money, and the potentially earth shaking global economics involved with decision making and war. He connects all the dots including: Dollar value; peak oil; oil pipelines; international finance; banking; and the growth of U.S. military installations.