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    It was August 12, 2002. I was alerted to an AP news release that sent shivers down my spine. As quickly as I was alerted, the news release disapeared from the internet with only a few traces left - traces that soon evaporated into cyberspace ether. How would you respond now, as compared to then?
    The historically engrained date of 9-11 resonates today in the world's mind.  Our perspective of everything we view becomes colored by remembrances, confusion, and doubt about what really happened that day.  We then reach out, grab pieces of the puzzle, and our total reality becomes transformed.
    Religious leaders point their fingers at some sort of loss of faith.  Right wing hacks point to some sort of communist conspiracy.  Both can blame the women's rights movement and homosexuals.  So where does Walmart fit in?
Mad As Hell
And Ain't Gonna Take it Anymore