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  Watch or listen - top of the list as alternative news   By far the best talk show host on the air - the most informative and knowledgeable.
  -  National   - Chat
  Pacifica carries archives of Peacewatch, Flashpoints, and Free Speech Radio News.   Over 5 million hours of progressive Talk Radio Served.  A plethora of archives. Under the good guidance of Ben Burch  
  Top of the Charts is Mike Malloy - 7-10PM Pacific time. Says it like it is ... and needs to be said. Alternative Link   Live from the Left Coast. Fresh news, views, and voices you need to hear.  Good interviews and informed callers - Live from Monterey
M-F 3-6 PM pacific
  Loads of clips exposing the the corporate media talking heads for what they are .... whores   Republic Broadcast Network - Alternative shows and reams of archives. Different perspectives with some very different points of views.  
  Clips from various news and comedy shows. Very entertaining.   One of two Alex Jones sites where his program can be heard. You have to make up your own mind.  
  More good clips from talking head shows and political comedy on the idiot tube.  

THE COMMON SENSE COALITION - Country - insights into the agricultural market most city people never get. - Always with an eye on money. Each program archived for a week

  One of the better news programs on TV. In depth analysis on important issues. Not all programs are archived.   Independent talk show with in-depth interviews of writers and politically active people. An excellent assortment of archived programs. Hours of good listening.   
  The very popular PBS program - Loads of archived programs ready for your  viewing.   Bruce Burch - For the progressive; the liberal; the open minded; and for those who have the ability to speak/hear southern.
7-8 PM Sunday PST

  John Stewart - Out takes, clips and lots of good chuckles.  Very well done Clever humour.   Grace and Rama - Homebodies - Real people living in reality.  Out of Vermont 5:00 PM on Sundays ... Pacific  
  Hard to categorize this this site. If I had a category for OUTRAGE ... it would be at the top of the list. Lots of clips exposing the idiocy of Genocide George's filth.   Joyce Riley - the military nurse who initiated the uncovering of the Gulf War syndrome. Often about health issues, but also about alternative views of current political affairs.  
  Just in case you don't have cable or Satellite, this is an alternative  --Video or audio on three different channels.   American ExPatriot from OZ - Jon Fox - and a southern boy - from somewhere under Oregon - Bruce Burch - join forces to look behind the headlines.  Saturday Night at 7:00 Pacific.  
  Pen & Taylor.  At least I find it interesting. But then, I'm a boring person   Schoenman & Shone Uncompromising, fact intensive exposés of the hidden workings of a capitalist system addicted to permanent war.   Archives  
  NPR from Pacific Lutheran University in the Puget Sound area. News and views and JAZZ the rest of the time.   Fintan Dunne - Recently discovered. Many downloadable and streamable programs and interviews.  
  Genesis Communication Network - Some very good shows, some just religious quack quack - take your pick.    Talk Radio Aussie Style.  Judging by the location of many of the callers, it is a popular station in the US via internet.... TRY IT !  
  Lyndon LaRouche's main site.  Many archived programs, speeches etc.   A plethora of live stream stuff. Music to politics. Some require joining (Money)  
  Being that the Pacific Northwest is the Center of the Universe, it's important that all people of the universe watch what's happening in Seattle.   Excellent selection of outstanding documentaries on many subjects from 9-11 to globalism and elitism.  Documentaries can be streamed or downloading for for future sharing.  
  A huge selection of lectures and speeches given at the University given by many people - from Noam Chomsky to Bill Clinton, and way back to Aldous Huxley.   Archives of his local show in Phoenix. The Christian Reich has bought out the station and silenced progressive radio in Phoenix.  4 stations were not enough for them... Hopefully, he'll be on elsewhere before long.