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  Charley Reese was probably fired from Orlando Sentinel for not having a biased view of the mideast.  He frequently has a perspective that is anything but politically correct, but always based on reason, logic and facts. - A MUST READ      
  Eric Margolis is a foreign correspondent to several sites and publications including the Toronto Sun. He frequently raises questions that often undercut or expose basic assumptions as being just plain dumb.      
  Australian journalist/author. - His in depth analysis of issues includes the needed historical perspective that provides insights so often lacking in mainstream U.S. journalism. Understanding of opposition perspectives can often start here.      
  He is a contributing author to several sites and a book author. His articles are peppered with links to news articles that relate to the subject on which he is writing.      
  Originally from Greece, she moved to England when she was 16 and graduated from Cambridge University with an M.A. in economics. A very active journalist, author, and activist.      
  One of the last vestiges of investigative reporters, Palast was the first to uncover the Florida election fraud in the 2000 election - of course, he had to move out of the country to report it. But now he's back, and he's still digging.      
  Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air force. MA, MS, Ph.D. Known for Whistle Blowing on the corrupt criminal administration now in Power, she exposed the fraud perpetuated by the Bush Crime family. She witnessed their suppression and distortion of intelligence analysis and had the courage to go public. Neo-cons describe her as an anarchist - what better reference than that do you need !!!!  She now writes and hosts a radio talk show called American Forum on RBN - archived and live.      
  A long time journalist who seems to be catching on fire and taking off the gloves. Delacacy has given way to straight shooting and calling bullshit on the bullshit.      
Blogs/Discussion Boards
  One of the most popular blog sites on the "internets" - you've probably heard it's founder, Markos Moulitsas, guesting on some of the daily progressive talk shows.      
  Progressives discuss various issues and subjects. Most are of of the political persuasion, but other discussions are included. Occasionally, a few Reich Wing Nuts try and do a non-contribution ... with memorized, meaningless sound bites.      
  Tons and tons of stories, media, issues, and subjects. Blogs from insiders, outsiders, known, and unknown people. Outstanding, as a source of alternative news and information.
" My favorite blog to steal from!" - Stephanie Miller
  A Seattle based forum in conjunction with a 5 person biting blog.  The weeks summary can be heard courtesy of KEXP 90.3 FM in seattle on Saturday mornings at 8:30, and the programs are archived so you can Eat The Airwaves